"It is the unique role of the Sacraments in the life of a faith community to be the means by which God transforms our hearts and lives."


 We welcome all Christians to celebrate the sacrament of Baptism. As our parish is continuing to grow, we ask that you prayerfully consider joining us. Whether celebrating a child or an adult baptism, it is our joy to share in this sacrament with you and your family. For more information please email Julie at jortloff@csbsju.edu or start by filling out the following:


Welcome Joanna Faith 12/29/2018


First communion is received when a child is in second grade. As part of this sacrament, preparation in religious education classes helps the formation of our students understand the Catholic faith. An additional workshop for family and students is also required. First Reconciliation will take place in the spring of 2nd grade.

Communion Form


Our parish has two annual reconciliation services which allow for our community to enter into a deeper relationship with Christ. Renewal from this sacrament is important to our Catholic faith that we are courageously able to release the weight of this world and receive mercy as well forgiveness from God.



All youth entering into 11th grade are welcomed and encouraged to join in our Faith Formation classes geared towards Confirmation preparation.

2021 Confirmation date is May 2, 2021.


We encourage all couples to contact our pastor at least 12 months prior to your proposed wedding date. It is important that we allow for 6 months of wedding preparation which includes a short engaged encounter for all engaged couples. In addition, both the bride and groom are encouraged to plan the elements of their liturgical celebration with our pastor. For more information, please click here: 

Wedding Planning Guide


Anointing of the Sick

As part of our parish life we strive to pray and be close to those who are in need of healing. Therefore, we celebrate this sacrament at our communal parish liturgies this year on October 19, 2019 and  May 16, 2020. Additionally, our pastor is available for individual anointing by request.

Additional Resources

Funeral Planning Guide 2019