Our Parish life functions in collaboration with our staff and parishioners working together in order to bring organization and spirit to St. John the Baptist Parish. Our committees include the following options: Pastoral Council, Faith Formation, Liturgy, Parish Life, Social Justice & Ministry and Finance. For meeting dates, please view Our Parish Life Calendar.

Pastoral Council

In 2020 our Parish joined with the Church of Saint Joseph to form a "JOINT PARISH COUNCIL". The Council is responsible for the pastoral ministering to the life of our Area Catholic Community through continual discussion of our mission, vision and ways to foster our community as missionary disciples in Christ. We typically meet the third Thursday of the month.

Faith Formation

The purpose of the Faith Formation Committee is to work with the Faith Formation Coordinator and with the total St. John the Baptist Parish community to nurture and facilitate an openness to lifelong faith formation and to work towards developing structures to support his, incorporating catechumenal principles. Currently meetings are held via Zoom as needed.

2021-22 Calendar Faith Formation Program (1)

August 18, 2021 FF_Lit Comm. Mtg



Our committee helps foster meaningful and life-giving worship for our parish through seasonal liturgy planning and environmental decorating.

The Liturgy and Faith Formation Committee have combined and meet jointly as needed.

Parish Life

The purpose of the Parish Life committee is to establish and promote a sense of belonging among parishioners and the provide opportunities for living out the communal dimensions of the gospel in our parish community. Activities include social, recreational events, and programs which assist in extending and enhancing Christian living and communal growth within our parish.

If you would like to assist our committee with providing hospitality as needed, please contact Heidi Peternell at 320.761.9469 or heidi.peternell@gmail.com


Social Justice

The Social Justice and Ministry Committee keeps the parish aware of concerns for peace and social justice within and beyond the parish boundaries by providing information and promoting programs and projects which help parishioners think globally and act locally in matters which concern all Christians today.

The Social Justice and Ministry Committee of Saint John the Baptist Parish is a catalyst for parish involvement in social justice and ministry issues.

This committee is currently meeting as needed via Zoom.

For more on our on-going programs, please click here For More Information

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The Finance Council is mandated by Canon Law and reports directly to the pastor, who appoints members to the Commission.

The purpose of the Finance Council is the assist with the coordination of all financial aspects of parish life including finances, fundraising, and maintenance of the buildings and grounds.

 We meet the second Thursday of the month from 6 - 7 PM, via Zoom.

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