All of the parishes in our diocese will be implementing a new plan (Area Catholic Communities) that clusters everyone together into various groups of parishes to share resources. Stay tuned for more updates from around our diocese.

Copy of Essential Elements Grid completed

ACC Planning Council Minutes 05212019

ACC goals and vision (002)

ACC map of Diocese 2019

July 1st ACC announcement

You can read more about the ACCs and pastoral planning process at

Notes from the June 7, 2019 Planning Committee Meeting:
-Inspire Stewardship in both parishes. Find ways to encourage the gift of time and talent both parishes. Focus on stewardship, explore what is working for other parishes. Consider asking and promoting: Why do you volunteer? Why do you support the church financially? Why do you pray? Etc.
-Mass schedules: Initially, changes will not be made to either parish mass schedule. Proposals will be made to both parish councils and trustees in July and then in the future schedule (time) changes will be made. Current schedules: St. John The Baptist Masses: Saturday 5:30pm, Wednesday 8:00am and Friday 8:00am. St. Joseph Masses: Saturday 5pm, Sunday 8 & 10am, Tuesday Noon, and Wednesday-Friday 8am.
-Announcing both parishes events (VBS, Greif Support, Moms Group, etc.) in both bulletins will begin, to encourage parishioners to attend available events. Combining bulletins January 1, 2020 will be pursued.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of our Planning Committee Members: Fr. Greg, Julie Ortloff, Brian Posch or Bob Simon.

The planning Committee will meet again on July 15th.



Information from around the diocese: