Our committee has a passion for reaching out to others in our community. Enacting our baptismal call, we choose to love our neighbor and in return God as well. We meet via Zoom. 

Our next meeting will be: Third Monday monthly via Zoom; contact Michael Roske for link.




David Borgert’s “Soup & Speaker” March 20, 2024 presentation on Affordable Housing and Social Justice

Housing affects health, education, crime levels, etc.  Learn about the problematic economics of affordable housing in central Minnesota and what is being done to provide this most basic of human needs.




Our parish works with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in a microfinance program through which people learn how to make small loans. These loans enable borrowers to start businesses that support them and their families. By June 2018, St. John the Baptist Parish had contributed more than $9,300 towards enabling the growth of our project.

 Catholic Social Teaching

What is Microfinance?

Microfinance and Catholic Relief Services 

Implementaing a Microfinance Program in Our Parish